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6 Benefits Of Coworking Days

    Coworking Days Benifits


    Why would you join one of our Coworking Days rather than sitting at home being bored of working alone? That’s the first question people ask us before attending their first event so we have created a list of just 6 benefits Of Coworking Days our community members have mentioned apart from free tea and coffee and a networking lunch at each event.

    Coworking Days Benifits

    6 Benefits Of Coworking Days

    Coworking Days have increased in popularity over recent years, with freelancers, remote workers, and startups choosing to work collaboratively in different spaces in order to reap all of the benefits.

    Rather than sitting in your own apartment or even worse your bedroom, you get to break up your working week to help stop getting the inevitable cabin fever from working from home by attending one of our productive, social coworking meetups in different locations around cities. More and more people now need to work remotely but that’s doesn’t mean you have to work from your bedroom.

    Great social & networking

    Whether you’re working for a small business, or you’re going it alone as a freelancer – Coworking Days are one of the best ways to help you network while being productive.

    One of the biggest complaints from remote workers is that they often lack a sense of community but coworking days help to diminish that problem. When you attend one of our events (which start at 10 am and run until 6 pm) you will get to see the same faces helping you to build up a rapport, gain new friends and business contacts and even get some inspiration for upcoming projects, meaning they can have a hugely beneficial impact on each other.

    It’s not all work as during each event we have a group networking lunch so you can share your projects with each other and sometimes we even include an after-work drink.

    We help prevent loneliness

    Another common complaint from remote workers is that it can be incredibly lonely. Whether they’re coffee shop hopping or working from home – many freelancers can go days without speaking to anyone at all.

    However, having a regular Coworking Day’s meet up to attend is great for preventing the loneliness that can come with working remotely. Whether you get to know your desk neighbours or chat over lunch – building relationships with your fellow coworking colleagues is a great way to alleviate the loneliness that often comes with working remotely – even if you just join us once a month!


    Why work from just one space?

    Whether you’re a start-up, small business owner, freelancer, or working remotely having a community to plug yourself into that meets in different coworking spaces around town can be massively beneficial for you and your productivity.

    If you find it difficult to motivate yourself when you’re working from home, or you find hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop hugely frustrating – having a place arranged for you to meet at can help you to maximize your productivity and creative potential, You then get to set some solid working hours and increase your morale and benefit from conversations with other remote workers.


    Your productivity can increase

    Working from home and coffee shops can have a huge impact on productivity, meaning you have to work longer hours just to get your work done.

    Many remote workers report that they get easily distracted working from home, from procrastinating with household chores to getting sidetracked by their favorite TV series – there are so many distractions when working from home that productivity can take a huge hit.

    However, Coworking Days can help as having a regular meetup to attend can help with all your other distractions and boost productivity, allowing you to get all of your work done in between 10-6 pm and even have a social lunch.

    So if you find yourself sitting at home on a Monday morning trying to work out which cafe to work in for the day just take a look at your local CoWorking Days community page to see where our next meet-up is. ‍


    Coworking Days Benefits



    We provide flexibility & NO MEMBERSHIP FEES

    Whether you’re a night owl and prefer to work at night, or like the structure and stability of a 9-5 working day – Coworking Days provides you with an event you can attend on a flexible basis with No Membership Fees (just pay for each event you attend)

    So whether you work a full-time job and want to utilize the benefits of Coworking Days or you simply want to be able to join every now and again to ensure you’ve got the perfect work/life balance – Coworking Days could be the perfect solution.

    So if you think joining a Coworking Days Community would benefit your productivity and wellbeing join one of our local communities and be part of our global community of over 4000 remote workers.

    Members perks

    Being part of a community has many benefits to help your productivity, wellbeing, and your work-life balance. Being part of our global community also means you qualify for members perks and discounts on travel, business, and lifestyle products, so make sure you take a look at our Members Perks and also make sure you have signed up for our newsletter as then you will get extra special offers delivered directly to your inbox.