Coworking Days Benifits

6 Benefits Of Coworking Days

Why would you join one of our Coworking Days rather than sitting at home being bored of working alone? That’s the first question people ask us before attending their first event so we have created a list of just 6 benefits Of Coworking Days our community members have mentioned apart from free tea and coffee Read more about 6 Benefits Of Coworking Days[…]

Job Search

The Leading Job Directory For Remote Work

With the huge global switch to remote work, many new websites have launched offering remote work opportunities and existing job platforms have introduced new features to enable users to find remote jobs easier but which one is The Leading Job Directory For Remote Work? The Leading Job Directory For Remote Work In 2007, FlexJobs‘ founder Read more about The Leading Job Directory For Remote Work[…]

Digital Nomad

5 step guide to get a remote job

Setting a clear goal is the best way to move forward in any life situation. If your target is getting a remote job by the end of the year, the following steps will definitely help you reach your objective without wasting time and energy. 5 step guide to get a remote job in 2021   Read more about 5 step guide to get a remote job[…]

Safety Wings

Stay Insured While Working Remotely

We have partnered with SafetyWing to help our Coworking Days community members stay insured while working remotely post. Lots more people will be working remotely over the coming months and some will take advantage of this new found freedom away from an office to experience a new place. Stay Insured While Working Remotely For some Read more about Stay Insured While Working Remotely[…]

Become Location Independent

Become Location Independent

We have partnered with E-Residency & 1Office to help all the entrepreneurs in our community truly become location independent through offering a special community discount on the streamlined solutions they offer so applicants do not need to complete multiple processes to start your journey and truly achieve location-independence!   How To Become Location Independent    Read more about Become Location Independent[…]