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Live Unsettled

Working remotely is no longer just a fad as for many, it’s a way of life so are you wanting to live unsettled this year? 

Coworking Days has partnered with Unsettled to be able to offer our community members an exclusive discount as many of you can take advantage of their retreats around the world.

Live Unsettled

Live UnSettled

Coworking Days members receive $150 discount on any Unsettled retreat. To claim your discount please DM us via our Facebook page.

Unsettled are hosting retreats in 9 locations around the world this year, including Lebanon, Bali, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Baja California, Tokyo, Medellin, Cape Town, Peru and Costa Rica. With each retreat, they bring together groups of 20-30 working professionals from around the world for unique shared experiences that combine work, travel, and meaningful personal and professional growth. Whether you’re working full time, on a sabbatical, or going through an intentional career transition, the retreats are designed to help you break out of your routine and explore a new destination with an incredible group of peers.

Included in the program fee is comfortable and centrally located accommodations, a coworking space, full-time staff dedicated to leading your experience, a productivity-driven environment, regular dinner parties and themed conversations, peer-to-peer workshops, curated events, epic adventures, and hopefully one of the best months of your life.

With over 1000+ alumni in the Unsettled community from 65 countries around the world, the Unsettled lifestyle has become a phenomenon. It’s become a safe space where great experiences are created. There’s organization, with elements of unpredictability. There’s structure, yet fluid enough for serendipity. There’s leadership with a community-driven culture. There’s an understanding that change happens within us, but is inspired by the people, ideas, and environment that surround us.

When you join Unsettled, you are choosing to spend your time with a community of people who live with intention. This is a community for those who strive to live up to the best version of themselves – to reflect on where they come from and to follow their purpose into the future. At Unsettled, there is no work/life balance. If you separate out your work and do not think of it as an extension of every part of yourself, then you’re going to face a crisis in lacking fulfilment. There is work and there is life. And then there’s an integration of the two. The philosophy of each trip – one-week, two-week and 30-day retreats – begins with the fun, adventure, and inherent challenge that comes with travel.

The Experience

With an intention to shift people’s outlook towards space, time and their routine, Unsettled conceptualising the philosophy of what an experiential travel retreat looks like and the phases it goes through:

1) Intention: It starts with a central pillar: set your purpose. But before the activity begins, the admissions and experience team create space and time for participants to set an intention. What’s on their mind? What are they seeking? What questions are they asking?

2) Challenge: Next, it’s the pure essence of the experience, the challenge. It can challenge participants physically, intellectually, or creatively, but the key is that it’s not easy and it brings participants out of their comfort zone.

3) Reflection: Lastly, it comes full circle where some space and time is created for participants to reflect, not on the specific challenge per se, but on how it might be connected to other things happening in their lives.

So how do you qualify to be on an Unsettled retreat?

Unsettled doesn’t look for people with the ability to work remotely. Unsettled looks for people that are coming with a certain amount of thought and intention.

Anyone can travel. Unsettled wants people who are looking to learn from each other, connect, and understand their differences. They want people to ask, “how can I learn from these people?” They look for people who want discovery and have a keen sense of curiosity about themselves and the world.

Coworking Days members receive $150 discount on any Unsettled retreat. To claim your discount please DM us via our Facebook page.

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