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Stay Insured While Working Remotely

    Safety Wings

    We have partnered with SafetyWing to help our Coworking Days community members stay insured while working remotely post. Lots more people will be working remotely over the coming months and some will take advantage of this new found freedom away from an office to experience a new place.

    Stay Insured While Working Remotely

    Stay Insured While Working Remotely

    As of August 1st, Nomad Insurance now covers Coronavirus Disease for new policies purchased.

    Although a dream of becoming truly location independent might not be possible at the moment more attention to health insurance while travelling should be at the top of your list which is why SafetyWing is a great option,

    For some being free from a 9 to 5 job only come with pros, but this alternative lifestyle has certain risks, too, and it’s essential to have good travel insurance so you know that you’re always covered when things get complicated. SafetyWing is one of the newest travel insurance providers on the block when it comes to dedicated insurance solutions for digital nomads, with a focus on Global Health Insurance.


    How Is SafetyWing Nomad Insurance Different?

    SafetyWing is a type of insurance specifically designed to meets the needs of digital nomads when they find themselves living and working in a foreign country. Unlike in the case of many of the other types of insurance available for travellers, you can buy your SafetyWing insurance either before or after you leave your country.

    It is a subscription-based type of insurance, which means that you can sign-up for automatic monthly renewal so that the coverage extends automatically up to a period of 364 days. If you need insurance coverage for more than one year, you will have to repurchase, and there is no limit to how many years you can keep using the insurance.

    Take A Look At SafetyWing Health Insurance 

    Top Benefits of Getting SafetyWing Insurance

    SafetyWing has developed an international travel medical insurance that is specifically made for people working remotely while travelling . This means if you are a entrepreneur, traveling freelancer or even if you are living abroad somewhere, this might be the perfect insurance for you.

    Nomad Insurance from SafetyWing covers both medical and travel emergencies. You will be covered if you fall sick and need medical assistance outside your home country, or if unforeseen things such as natural disasters or lost luggage disrupt your journey.

    These are the perks you get for each type of coverage here.

    Medical Insurance — if you find yourself in need of medical assistance abroad, and require an ambulance and hospitalisation, this is all covered by the insurance. You will also be insured for emergency dental treatment, outpatient care, emergency medical evacuation and more. As you would expect from this kind of insurance, you won’t be covered for routine examinations and pre-existing conditions.

    Travel Assistance — SafetyWing insurance comes in handy if something goes wrong with your trip, which includes travel delays of more than 12 hours and overnight stays, lost luggage, natural disasters and more. There is no monetary benefit for any of the travel assistance services.

    It was founded by three Norwegian friends, all digital nomads themselves, who realized that there is no insurance out there, that covered the special needs of this target group. They decided that since the digital nomad lifestyle is constantly growing in popularity, it is about time to change that and so they founded SafetyWing.

    “We built it for ourselves and also because a bunch of freelancers on the platform had the problem of not having good priced and cheap health insurance,” says SafetyWing co-founder Sondre Rasch.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Partnering with the worldwide insurance provider Tokio Marine, SafetyWing offers worldwide urgent care coverage for $37 a month and the insurance covers hospital visits and prescriptions, but won’t cover the cost of any preventative treatments and won’t cover pre-existing conditions like cancer.

    Yes Indeed, the founders were thinking of all of the Bali-bound programmers that could use this insurance for their beachfront bops, post Covid-19 there’s alot of people now able to work from anywhere while picking up a pay check a also the many looking to live in a cheaper country while they reinvent themselves as online entrepreneurs.

    Take A Look At SafetyWing Health Insurance

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